Displaced Mixed-Blood: An Ethnographic Exploration of Metis Identities in Nova Scotia

With recent resurgences o f Metis recognition in Canada there have been increasingly more opportunities for self-identifying Metis to gain legal recognition from the Canadian State. Although the Maritimes has not been viewed as a region with a Metis presence in the past, there are various populations present that are searching for this recognition. This study explores the historic mixed-blood that is present among the self-identifying Metis in Nova Scotia. I explore the way these Metis identities are contextualized in Canada though history, law, and Indigenous-settler relations. Particularly, I provide an analysis of Metis identification in Nova Scotia though genealogy, language, colonialism and denial. Lastly, this study shows the struggles the Metis face when positioning themselves within constitutional categories in an effort to be acknowledged as Aboriginal Peoples in Canada.



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