About AMN

The Atlantic Métis Nation Association is a progressive organization dedicated to advocating for the rights, welfare, and cultural preservation of the Métis community throughout the Atlantic region.


We firmly believe that by joining forces and working together, we can achieve greater impact, raise awareness, and address the unique challenges faced by our community.


Our primary objectives include:


  1. Advocacy: We strive to be a strong voice for the Métis people, engaging with government bodies, community leaders, and stakeholders to promote and protect our rights, interests, and cultural heritage.
  2. Community Development: We are committed to fostering a sense of unity and pride among Métis individuals and families, promoting cultural activities, educational initiatives, and social programs that enrich our community and enhance well-being.
  3. Economic Empowerment: We actively seek opportunities to empower Métis entrepreneurs, promote economic development, and support sustainable business ventures that benefit our community and contribute to the regional economy.
  4. Education and Awareness: We aim to increase awareness and understanding of Métis culture, history, and contributions through educational initiatives, workshops, and public outreach programs.
  5. Collaboration and Partnerships: We recognize the strength in unity and actively seek collaborations with other Métis organizations, Indigenous groups, and community organizations to achieve common goals and amplify our collective impact.

We firmly believe that by bringing together Métis individuals and communities from Quebec through the Maritimes, we can create a formidable force for positive change, ensuring the needs and aspirations of the Métis are heard, respected, and met.


We extend an open invitation to your organization and community to join us in this journey towards progress and empowerment. We believe that by combining our knowledge, experiences, and resources, we can better address the issues and concerns that affect our people.


We welcome opportunities to discuss potential partnerships, collaborative initiatives, and avenues for joint advocacy efforts. We value your insights and input in shaping our shared vision for a brighter future for all Métis individuals and families across the Atlantic region.


Please feel free to reach out to us using our contact form to further explore this collaboration or to arrange a meeting at your convenience.


We look forward to the opportunity to connect and work together to advance the rights, well-being, and recognition of the Métis people.


Thank you for considering our invitation. Together, we can create meaningful change and ensure a vibrant and prosperous future for our Métis community.


Gregory Burke
Chief spokesperson

The most active and progressive nonprofit organization with a strong mandate to achieve goals and whose plans are dedicated and focused on the rights of all Métis, North American Indian and Inuit across the Atlantic provinces. We are devoted and setting our sites on our youth through financial assistance for their post-secondary education, as well, as addressing and being diligent in assisting our brothers and sisters who suffer from depression, anxiety and drug & alcohol abuse, through healing centres across the Maritimes. We are also making a conscious effort to be supportive in helping guide our athletes to achieve success with their goals and careers.

Our Mission

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The Council

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Looking to find out more information or have some questions for the Atlantic Métis Nation, then we would like to hear from you.