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Atlantic Métis Nation

The most active and progressive nonprofit Métis organization with a strong mandate to achieve our goals and whose plans are dedicated & focused on the rights of all Métis across the Atlantic provinces

Introducing Atlantic Métis Nation

The Atlantic Métis Nation Association is a progressive organization dedicated to advocating for the rights, welfare, and cultural preservation of the Métis community throughout the Atlantic region. We firmly believe that by joining forces and working together, we can achieve greater impact, raise awareness, and address the unique challenges faced by our community.  read more


A 19th century community of the Métis people of Canada. The Métis typically had French fur traders/Acadian fathers and aboriginal mothers.


The infinity symbol represents that all three sovereign nations will remain joined together forever.


The Acadia flag was incorporated into our infinity symbol out of respect for their victory of recognition and accomplishments and a way to pay tribute to our Acadian ancestors.


The three golden arrows represent the three sovereign nations being carried by the spirit bird to the land we reside and inhabit today..

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